Let it Snow, Let it snow, let it snow!!!

January is normally a bit of an anti-climax after the Christmas madness, however this year has started with a Boom.

A very beautiful, young lady I have known for most of her life (and a bit more than half of mine) has finally tied the knot. And I (we, JMK) had the privilege of being a part of her/their big day. (You know who you are!!).

If it’s going to be a winter wedding then you have to have snow, lots of the white and fluffy stuff – and yes, that’s exactly what we got: lots, and lots and lots of it.

it really was the biggest and best white wedding you could have ever, ever had.

Then a few days later as if by magic, not a flake in sight!!

Team JMK were off again, not a moment’s rest, setting up for a dinner for 450 people in the simply-stunning losberger marquee provided by TT Tents.

Paddy the foreman was his typically charming, nothing’s-too-much-trouble self and the turnaround from the previous week seemed effortless. (We know it wasn’t Paddy; you’re just very good at what you do!!!).

The dinner was a huge success thanks to everyone involved. Thank you everyone, again you know who you are.

And now, just for a couple of days, we have some down-time to reflect on what a fabulous start to the year we have had so far – and if that’s just the start, what a year we have ahead of us!!!

MNY xx